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If you’ve been reading my site for a while, you know I’ve been obsessed with Sam Taylor-Wood and Aaron Johnson since the very beginning. Like, they announced their engagement 3 months after he turned 19. So they were together when he was 18. And they were filming a movie together when he was 17. And 9 months after proposing, they welcomed their daughter Wylda Rae. Now, just a year after Wylda’s birth, they’ve confirmed they’re expecting again. Sam is 44. Aaron just turned 21!

Of course of course, you’ve heard it all. They say he is an old soul and she is a young spirit. She says she’s not worried about age, that happiness is all that matters. And that they make each other so happy. Obviously. I mean, he’s at his sexual peak, and they say women hit theirs in their 40s. So ... totally compatible?

Many of you have written to me this weekend asking for my thoughts. I’m going to break this down for you the way it’s going around in my head. It’s probably crass. Please, click away if you’re easily offended.

Me I’m not in my 20s anymore, but I don’t think boys in their 20s have changed much. At this age, boys, they want to f-ck, like, all the time. And so for those of you who are all, “why doesn’t she just get her tubes tied?", you can imagine, I mean this is how I would feel, that she wouldn’t want to give up what many women perceive as their woman-ness and risk not being able to match up. Whether or not you agree is another discussion. The fact is a lot of women feel an attachment to their fertility. And as they approach menopause, as Sam is now, even more so. Sam is also a breast cancer survivor. She had a mastectomy, battled through, and then she divorced and then this hot young guy wanted her ass and keeps wanting to make babies with her...

That’s pretty simple psychology, non?

My question then is... if you were in her position, would you? Would I?

I am a worrier by nature. I am wired tight. I stress. I can’t stop stressing. I don’t think I could. But Sam is an artist, bohemian, pseudo-bohemian, whatever you want to call it, unshackled by social worries. She has found her justification, and she doesn’t seem to spend any time analysing and re-analysing it. There are those, and probably me included, who think he’ll ultimately leave her, being so young and all, for something else when he doesn’t want to spent the back half of his 20s wondering what’s out there. What I wonder though, as a woman, is whether or not it’s pragmatic to have those concerns, they or whether or not in having them it really comes down to insecurity. This may be why we find Sam’s choices so fascinating.

PS. Oh gross. Aaron does the belly cupping move too.

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