It will be a good day today. Because we are starting our day with my Obsession Sam Taylor-Wood and Aaron Johnson and new photos of the two with the dog and their newborn daughter Romy Hero in London yesterday.


They look really comfortable and lovely together, don’t they?

Pretend for a minute that you don’t know what you know. Then it just becomes a sweet family enjoying some sunshine, walking around the neighbourhood, popping into the pub for some lunch. Right? As unrealistic as this might be, I think I want them to be together forever. Never Tear Us Apart.

Aaron still has a couple of months off before he has to start promoting Savages which opens in July. And then, I assume, it’s the festival circuit with Anna Karenina which is considered among the early contenders for award season along with Les Miserables, The Great Gatsby, and The Master...

All period pieces.

So, you know, those critics will be sh-tting on the Oscars again for being old and out of touch. But...

I want to see ALL of those movies. Am I old and out of touch? Probably.

Where Aaron is concerned, he just might have two entries at Hollywood & Highland on February 24, 2013. Savages could be the Inglourious Basterds of the year. And it’s not like Oliver Stone hasn’t been here before (even though it’s been years). Because, it’ll give the Academy something to feel cool about. If, that is, Savages lives up to the hype of its screenplay.

This is what I want for Christmas: My Obsession at the Oscars.

Sam and Aaron’s lawyers are apparently all pissy at the photographers for taking these shots. So they had to come down. Hope you caught them early enough in the morning!