My obsession Sam Taylor-Wood + Aaron Johnson emerged from childbirth last night to walk their first carpet since daughter Wylda Rae (great name) was born in early July. They attended the GQ Man of the Year awards in London, and the day before that went shopping for baby clothes, and before that they were out of dinner at J Sheekey.

I am still obsessed.

How is he dealing with a wailing baby and two stepdaughter and being 20???

Well, Aaron says he’s an old soul. Says also that he’s now even more selective about his projects, especially since he doesn’t want to be away from home which of course is the right thing to think but as an actor, and in those circles, can he actually do? There are a few similarities here with Jude Law and Sadie Frost, non? A much greater age difference, certainly, but Jude was also very young.

Anyway, their film Nowhere Boy is finally (!!!) being released in North America in October even though you could watch it on a plane several months ago. It’s not bad though, he gives a solid performance, as does Thomas Sangster from Love Actually, and when you do see it, note the relationship between Aaron’s John Lennon and his biological mother played by Anne-Marie Duff.

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