Sam Taylor-Wood and boyfriend Aaron Johnson had their baby today, a girl. Taylor-Wood has two daughters from a previous marriage bringing the child total to 3. That’s quite the brood, a 5 person family, considering their relationship is just over a year old and Aaron recently turned 20.

The baby is called Wylda Rae. I love this name. It’s romantic and exciting – Wylda Rae is someone who adventures, destined for a big life. And there’s a sweetness about her too. That’s the Rae part, I think. Am obsessed with her already, like I am with her parents.

Here are Sam and Aaron a month ago at the UK Glamour Awards. I watched Nowhere Boy again on a plane recently, and those of you who have as well will likely have already remarked on the similarities – Johnson plays John Lennon who has a troubled relationship with his biological mother, Anne Marie Duff, at an age very similar to Sam Taylor-Wood, and at times, at least to me, their relationship goes right up to the line of intimacy... Or is it interpreted that way because I know about their personal lives?

All those blurry arty boundaries...

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