If you’ve been reading my blog long enough, you know I am obsessed with Sam Taylor-Wood and Aaron Johnson. So much.

They met of course when Sam directed Aaron in Nowhere Boy. Then she had his baby last year. Now they’ve collaborated again on the video for REM’s Uberlin. Have you seen it? Check it out below. LOVE IT. How consciously unselfconscious he is. The dancing. The expressions. The freedom … in a controlled environment, ha. His messy hair. His arms. His track pants. How beautifully she shoots him. Better than anyone else can shoot him, have you noticed?

This of course is what makes these scenes so intimate. I might be obsessed with them, but they are obsessed with each other, specifically through the camera, she is obsessed with him. You can feel it. She doesn’t bother hiding it. Or she would say art is transparent anyway. Meta?

Here they are at the BAFTAs a couple of weeks ago. If there is anyone I wouldn’t mind running into in London next week….but they have to be together. The obsession is that they are together.

Photos from Wenn.com