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Now here’s a PR strategy, a well executed sales pitch. Sam Worthington’s people, no doubt, will tell you there’s no manipulation involved here because it’s not necessary, because their client is that genuine, that authentic, that REAL, even in UNreal Hollywood. Sure. Whatever the reason it’s working, the bottom line is it’s working.

Sam Worthington, despite starring in the biggest movie of all time, and another huge blockbuster coming up (Clash of the Titans), tapped to be the next bond when Daniel Craig tires of the title, despite all this, Sam Worthington is still a mystery. They’ve played it very cleverly.

Next step: positioning him as this generation’s Man’s Man. The picture they’re painting: he was a bricklayer, he is not vain, not fussy, not into famewhoring, he doesn’t need much, he’d rather be homeless than fanny about at parties and premieres, the heir to Mel Gibson without (hopefully) the homophobia and the racial diatribes.

This is what they’re pitching in Details. Worthington is the magazine’s new cover feature with a good article and unfancy photos to complement his personality. And the running theme of course is that this is the Hero for both sexes. James Cameron said it best:

"It's hard to find a guy who works for women and for men. With a lot of actors, women love them, but they don't inspire men. I needed someone who could lead men into battle.”

True. This is the problem too with much of today’s talent. Orlando Bloom, Zac Efron, Robert Pattinson – the girls love them, but there is no way my husband would watch them. These are their challenges, of many, going forward. Worthington does not have that obstacle. And while his quiver doesn’t extend to my own loins, I can understand that it would extend to yours. Balance that with how he wields a hammer, and that the fact that he can do drama opposite Keira Knightley, and you can see why his team believes this is a complete package. And curiously enough he’s the Anti-Hollywood package. In other words, Worthington is not going to start moaning about “his craft” any time soon:

"Artistry has a kind of weird connotation because you can sound like you're going straight up your f-cking ass if you say that. "I'm not a great fan of people who say they put a sheet up in the backyard when they were 7 and entertained all the neighbours. When I was 7, I thought I was a f-cking fire truck."

That sense of entitlement we’ve been finding so offensive appears to be completely antithetical to the Sam Worthington Ideal. He does not speak as though he’s been ordained, touched by the divine hand, from God’s mouth to his ear, to be an actor. For him it’s a job, one he wants to be good at, one he’s willing to work hard at. At least that’s what the label reads. And for now, I’ll buy it.

Click here for the full Details article. Worth the read.

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