Sam Worthington was in Tokyo today at the premiere of Clash of the Titans. He brought along his girlfriend and “stylist” Natalie Mark. I call her The Fringe. Obviously.

On this auspicious occasion The Fringe used her “stylist” sensibilities to dress herself in a short dress and tights, similar to the Chanel tights I coveted that were all the rage... TWO YEARS AGO. I mean, there’s a classic bag that can be worn over and over again, season after season. And then there are flash items with a short shelf life for the privileged few who can afford to wear things once and toss. These are shallow, superficial matters. But these are shallow, superficial matters that should be second nature to A STYLIST.

OK so now I’m obsessed with her. Like a really bad television show.

Also... if Sam is your quiver-spot, please thank me for being nice and not killing it because I’m not posting all the pictures that show him standing next to anyone other than The Fringe. He really is so little.

Photos from Aflo/