This is for a reader called Kris who wrote to me last week with a request:

I've developed a completely inappropriate amount of quiver for Sam Worthington. And I need your help. To kill it or, at least, dampen it slightly? His weeness has not detracted from the quiver. Or The Fringe and her hooker shoes. Because I am a devoted reader and fellow Harry Potter junkie (loved the coverage of The Wizarding World opening!) and because you are nice enough to want to save Jessica Simpson from herself, I know you would want to help me too. If you can't help me kill my quiver, maybe you can post some new pictures for me?

OK but Kris...are you holding his taste against him?

Sam was photographed on Saturday at LAX accompanied by girlfriend Natalie Mark (photographers claim it’s her) who appears to be growing out The Fringe. GOOD.

Unfortunately, even though it’s been 3 years since they were acceptable, she’s yet to grow out of those tights. Embarrassing enough for a regular person, but criminal for a girl who fashions herself “a stylist”. OF WHAT??? Of recycling old bad sh-t?

Click here
to see Natalie in Japan several months ago in what appear to be the same tights.

Should we judge? Please do. Because the minute you identify yourself as a stylist, you make you about the style. It’s a little country bumpkin, non?

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