Sam Worthington is a bad drunk

Lainey Posted by Lainey at November 5, 2012 20:46:46 November 5, 2012 20:46:46

TMZ reports that Sam Worthington was arrested in Atlanta the other night. He showed up at a restaurant and was asked for ID. He became aggressive when he was refused entry for not having any. Apparently he was so ragey they had to pepper spray and cuff him until the cops arrived. No charges have been filed because the witness didn’t show up but it was all caught on surveillance. His mug shot is below. it fair to say Sam Worthington is a bad drunk? I mean, when you have to be subdued, that’s, like, C.O.P.S. territory. Which is super unsexy. And I’ve never understood why some people find this attractive, as if the violent side that comes out under the influence of alcohol is some kind of desirable masculinity. You know how you can smell that on a person? I’ve never been hot on Sam Worthington, and I wonder if this is what I was vibing. I dated one of those -- a major regret. Sam has Bad Drunk Face too, right? Something about a permanently swollen, slightly red nose...