Arguments for:

  • Rugged, man, hot
  • Enigmatic, fresh, mysterious, it would be an inspired and surprising choice
  • He’s at the top of the list right now for producers and directors, everyone wants to work with him
  • Stole Terminator Salvation from the compelling Christian Bale, not an easy feat
  • Handpicked as the star of Avatar by James Cameron for his major holiday blockbuster hopeful and a huge push is being planned for both the film and its beast of a leading man

Arguments against:

  • This is a personal issue… but he seems short. Hot, but short.
  • Enigmatic, yes. But also unknown. And this issue is about circulation. It needs to sell. The MiniVan isn’t buying some dude they aren’t familiar with. Besides, it’s not like People Magazine to be inspired or surprising.
  • While he’s certainly buzzing within the industry, most of his high profile projects have yet to explode. His time will come…but not yet.
  • Avator could bomb.

Odds: 40 to 1