Remember when Sam Worthington used to be a thing? He starred in the biggest movie of all time. And I still haven’t seen it and don’t intend to. But 5 years later, do you still feel the same way about Avatar? I mean, I know people still feel about Titanic the way they did the year it was released – with an attachment and an emotional connection that should accompany any film that earns the title “biggest movie of all time”. I’m not sure Avatar shares that. Beyond the geeks who were into it for the special effects, I’m not sure people sit around and sigh whenever Avatar comes up. That said, since I never sat through it, maybe I don’t know what I’m talking about and you can tell me I’m full of sh-t.

As for Sam Worthington, there was a lot of promise around him after Avatar. He was supposed to be someone we should be watching. That hype died real fast, non? Avatar elevated Zoe Saldana. But even though he’s booked for 3 more Avatars, I still feel like Sam Worthington needs a Career Prospectus. If only anyone actually cared to read a Career Prospectus on Sam Worthington.

The last time I wrote about Sam Worthington was in 2012. The title of that post: Sam Worthington is a bad drunk. There’s also this article, when he broke up with his girlfriend Natalie Marks and showed up at an event and punched a wall and yelled at people.

This week Sam Worthington made headlines for getting into a fight with a paparazzo who he says was bothering his wife even though the video doesn’t seem to support that.

That’s how Sam Worthington is making news right now. Here he is at court today.