A couple of weeks ago, Entertainment Weekly published their list of Hollywood’s Most Powerful. The rankings were based largely on box office averages. Sam Worthington took the top spot. Avatar, Clash of the Titans, Terminator – you cannot argue with those numbers. If you were a contrarian you’d probably say that’s it’s nothing to do with HIM, but more to do with those projects, they were no-brainers. Yeah, sure, but at the same time, somehow he found a way to get cast in them. So there’s that.

But I don’t disagree. Can Worthington carry a movie on his own? Is he even a household name? And by household name, I don’t mean “the dude from Avatar”. That’s not a name. That’s a descriptor. Yeah I’m totally on the fence for this one. He’s just such a curious, interesting case study. And now that James Cameron has announced Avatar 2 and 3, that average will only go up.

Anyway, this is Sam Worthington in New York yesterday shooting Man on a Ledge. He was also spotted with his girlfriend at the Knicks game. The Fringe is no longer The Fringe. She is still however the International Stylist of Mystery. Perplexing.

Worthington will next be seen in The Debt opening in December. Trailer is below.

Photos from Doug Meszler/Brian Prahl/Splashnewsonline.com