Warned you about this in the last post from yesterday. My Obsession walked the Avengers: Age Of Ultron carpet together last night. Sam looks lovely in that dress. She has great legs. Is it because I’m used to it now? Because when I look at them, I don’t remember all that often that she’s that much older. His beard undeniably helps. But still. When they do sh-t like this…



Anxious @aarontaylorjohnson on the way to #avengers #ageofultron premier

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It makes all kinds of sense to me.

So about ATJ in the Avengers. He’s Quicksilver. With an accent. Is it Russian? Sarah’s going to start yelling at me soon about how SHE TOLD ME SO but I swear, her nerd tutorials are so full of information, and I’m too busy asking about whether or not Tony + Pepper are TRUE LOVE FOREVER that sometimes not all of it registers.

In this new clip though, featuring spoken words by both Quicksilver and Elizabeth Olsen’s Scarlet Witch (slightly overacting here, I think), there’s a little Teddy KGB happening, non?