Here they come…

And I didn’t even mean it that way, I swear. I just went back to read it and realised how it came off.

My original point is that Sam and Aaron Taylor-Johnson are now on the press circuit for Fifty Shades Of Grey. And, as you know, given that she’s only directed one other feature film before, usually the directors don’t get a lot of the attention on a promotional tour. Especially not in these parts.

But the lead actors in Fifty Shades, Dakota Johnson and Jamie Dornan, aren’t really giving anyone any excitement about seeing them fake f-ck on screen. So maybe we just have to imagine that it’s My Obsession in those roles instead. YES PLEASE.

If the point is to bring on the rubs – and, frankly, HOW CAN THAT NOT BE THE POINT? – I can promise you that the rubs will happen if there’s more of Sam and Aaron.