I am usually all over it whenever there are pictures of My Obsession, Sam and Aaron Taylor-Johnson. They were at the GQ Men of the Year party on Tuesday night. But I can only find one photo. Which is why it got buried in the photo set. What is wrong with these event photographers? The Taylor-Johnsons are good for more than one f-cking shot.

Anyway, there’s another reason I missed the shot though.

That reason is Rob Ford, the mayor of Toronto. Who is now an international superstar. On the cover of The Wall Street Journal now. He was just on live television here, amid accusations that he told a woman that he wanted to eat her out. And this is what he said:

“Olivia Gondek said I would eat her pussy. I’m happily married. I have more than enough to eat at home.”


Sam Taylor-Johnson is directing Fifty Shades Of Grey. And I feel like there’s a parallel here.