My Obsession!

They were on the red carpet last night in LA for the premiere of Godzilla which opens next week, one weekend before X-Men, with plenty of distance after Spider-Man 2. Variety reported a couple of weeks ago that they’re optimistic about how the movie will perform at the box office, estimating that it could gross up to $70 million upon release and make a lot more overseas. Apparently the nerds have been all over the trailers. Nerds like Sarah from Cinesnark.

Suddenly My Obsession might be a blockbuster couple. Sam Taylor-Johnson’s Fifty Shades Of Grey is expected to be big on Valentine’s Day next year, remember? That’s why she’s wearing Chanel. Chanel understands My Obsession too. Chanel doesn’t just give it away to people like…Hayden Panettiere. The Taylor-Johnsons are on the Chanel level.

But f-ck he is hot. Getting hotter and hotter and hotter.