Sam and Aaron-Taylor Johnson arrived at their hotel in New York yesterday, no kids. The Daily Mail is calling it a mini-break. Or an early milestone celebration? Aaron turns 25 next week. This is why they’re My Obsession…7 years and counting.

7 years. They’ve made it as long as Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston. They will have made it longer than Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston. I wonder though if Los Angeles living will eventually change them.

Anyway, the Taylor-Johnsons are really in NYC for Gucci. There was a show today. Sam just posted this shot to Instagram:



The girls @misskarenelson #dakotajohnson #gucci #nyc

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Sam’s not returning for any Fifty Shades sequels but, clearly, she and Dakota Johnson are still friendly. She’s friendly with everyone except for the author…which is the problem. Which is why she decided not to return to the work. She’d rather not work than have to work again with EL James. So it might be a summer off for both of them as neither one is confirmed for any upcoming projects. And you can tell. Sam looks fresh. Like the freshness of someone who’s had an extended amount of sleep. Can you imagine? This is one of the greatest advantages of being a Hollywood entertainer. Months and months and months without deadlines.