Here are Sam and Aaron Taylor-Johnson at LAX yesterday. These aren’t the pictures I want to show you though. This is the picture I want to show you:



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You know what kills me about this shot? How relaxed his right hand is, the one that’s by her head. Kills me. Like sexy-kill. So sexy.

OK but here’s another shot:

I don’t love a speckled suit. But I’m not mad at this photo, not at all. Aaron Taylor-Johnson reps Givenchy now. Does that mean Sam will be in a lot of Givenchy? Does this mean he’ll be at the MET Gala on Monday, with Sam, in Givenchy? Not that Sam needs the hookup. If you’ve noticed, Sam is super style-connected. Chanel will dress her. Tom Ford will dress her. Stella McCartney has dressed her. She has more access to top designers than many celebrities with higher profiles. I have no idea where the Taylor-Johnsons were headed. But I want them to be headed to the MET Gala.