It’s an early Christmas present!

Check out My Obsession, Sam and Aaron Taylor-Johnson, kissing each other in Vancouver yesterday. Sam, as you know, is directing Fifty Shades Of Grey, and she was embraced by her husband who came to visit the set. I think maybe he tried to grab her ass?



Apparently they’ve been booting around town when she’s not working all like regular and un-celebrity with their kids, being sweet and unassuming, attracting almost no attention. F-ck me why did I move? He has never, EVER been hotter. LOOK AT HIM.

Word is everyone on the crew loves her because she’s efficient and kind and hosted a meet-and-greet before filming so that everyone could get to know each other. (Thanks H!)

Oh and Dakota Johnson kissed Jamie Dornan while filming a scene but, come on, really, who cares when My Obsession is around?