Sam and Aaron Taylor-Johnson have been travelling the last few days. At least that’s what she seems to be telling us on Instagram. The travel is Elvis-themed. If you’ve been reading this blog a while, you know that Elvis is also one of my obsessions. We named our youngest dog Elvis. Elvis, a hound dog blue beagle, with the blue nose. Few things made me happier in 2016 than finding Elvis and finding out that he is naturally suited to his name. And now I’m happy because two of My Obsessions are occupying the same space.

Here’s the first shot Sam posted:


Elvis's bathroom @aarontaylorjohnson

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That made me uncomfortable, initially. Because if you know Elvis, the combination of Elvis + Bathroom, well…

Not that they’d let you go into there at Graceland (I don’t think so at least but I’ve never been to Graceland and YES, this is a problem and I intend to fix it in 2017) but still, I can’t be the only one who pictures certain things, certain images, when Elvis and bathroom are mentioned together in the same sentence.

But then she posted another shot:


Leaving the Elvis building @aarontaylorjohnson

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So it’s not Graceland. It’s Elvis Palm Springs. Where Elvis and Priscilla honeymooned. I haven’t been there either. Seriously, what kind of a goddamn Elvis fan am I?



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Here are some photos we never got around to posting of My Obsession at the GQ party a couple of weeks ago.