Here are Sam and Aaron Taylor-Johnson ziplining on Grouse Mountain this weekend with their oldest daughter. It was straight up summertime weather here in Vancouver over the Easter break. Like over 20˚C (70˚F for you Americans) and glorious sunshine.

Why I love these pictures, apart from the spectacular scenery:
-the daughter happened to look away when Sam and Aaron kissed. Like, ew parents kissing. And, as I’m sure many of you will point out, ew parents kissing and one parent is super young
-did some people who’d no idea they’re celebrities wonder why the woman was kissing her son, especially as Aaron, right now, with his hair so short, and dressed this way, looks extra, extra youthful ...while she’s wearing mom jeans...?

But that’s why they’re My Obsession, non? For all these reasons, and the mystery of it all, though for them, it’s simply Love -- without boundaries, without convention, without complication -- while the rest of us wonder about all the rest. God I wonder about all the rest. I can’t stop wondering. I never want to stop wondering.