My Obsession, the Taylor-Johnsons, have been in Vancouver for the last couple of months while Aaron Taylor-Johnson works on Godzilla (with Walt White). By the way, I was on a flight with Bryan Cranston a couple of weeks ago. He was super low key, very unassuming. Looked like a regular business man. No one had any idea he was an award-winning actor and the dastardly Heisenberg!

Anyway, they did not have the day off yesterday. Sam Taylor-Johnson came to set with their girls, Jessie Phoenix, Wylda Rae, and Romy Hero, for a Father’s Day visit. While dad was working, his daughters were in makeup. That’s where Jessie’s ginger braids came from. And the cute face painting.

When he’s not working it, it’s just been a whole lot of family time. They live in a rented house, they blend in with the neighbourhood, they hit up the aquarium and Science World, brunch on weekends, don’t draw attention to themselves, and therefore no one realises who they are...

My Obssession incognito!