To rock bottom?

It’s over – again – between Samantha Ronson and Lindsay Lohan and this time Sam has made it public, finally tiring of the endless drama. OK! Magazine is reporting that Friday night, Ronson was booked at a party to promote her sister’s clothing line with JC Penney. The event was well attended – Nicole Richie, Sting, Trudie Styler, and Rashida Jones among others all showed up to support…

Apparently venue security was given strict instructions NOT to allow Lindsay Lohan if and when she arrived. Lindsay was told she was barred from the launch but, Lilo being Lilo, everyone knew she would crash anyway.

And she did.

And she was blocked.

They denied her at the door.

This of course is the same girl who, last week, jumped up on stage for no reason during someone else’s performance…

She simply cannot help herself.

So she was blocked and she lost her sh*t – started flailing around so badly, charging the door while teetering on her scrawny little legs, that 5 security guards had to hold her back.

Cocaine is like spinach, I guess?

Eventually Lindsay found a hole to crawl into, called her mother, and the three Lohans are now shacked up at the Chateau Marmont. Where else?!?!? It’s the perfect place to raise a 15 year old daughter, Dina would know! She’s been through it before!

As for Samantha, TMZ has noted that she’s changed the locks on her house. Meanwhile, Lilo and her most trustworthy enabler – her mom – were working the phones overtime this weekend trying to spin the situation to convince people that it’s Sam with the drug problem and not the other way around, even though Sam is the one who can hold down a job…

Lindsay Lohan on Celebrity Apprentice in 2 seasons?

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