Yesterday was supposed to be the last day of shooting on Labour Pains. Somehow Lindsay Lohan made it through an entire production without a bout of exhaustion, without a visit to the hospital, without prompting a stern letter from an executive producer blasting her poor work ethic.

Could it be the loving support of Samantha Ronson?

Hottest couple of the summer!

Check out SamRo blowing Lilo a kiss goodbye yesterday leaving her lover to work on set. Of course as soon as she was gone, Lindsay started texting Sam like mad. But can you blame her? Sam is a sexy, sexy bitch. I totally would.

The intensity is mutual between them. Last week Sam played a gig in Vancouver – am told she pulled out her blackberry the minute she landed and had it in hand almost the entire time she was in the dj booth at Ginger 62.

Pretty soon there will be rumours of a Lilo SamRo sex tape floating around. I’m buying!

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