She actually came.

First annual eTalk Festival Party went down on Friday night to celebrate TIFF – as mentioned last week, Samantha Ronson was spinning… and wouldn’t you know it, she brought Lindsay Lohan with her.

She was propped up on the 3rd floor, the DJ stage was surrounded by fans taking cell phone photos, trying to get a glimpse of Lilo who was crouching down most of the time, texting, pretending to be freaked out by all the attention. At several points, she and Sam were huddled together, appearing to be comforting each other, although Sam seemed to be doing more comforting than Lindsay. Kinda like – baby are you ok? baby, what can I do?

I’m so hot for her.

Seriously… Samantha Ronson is a sexy bitch.

Even Hayley, who came to Toronto to party this weekend, who has competed in two Iron Man races, who is Miss Health and Fitness, who forces me to work out on 2 hours sleep… even Hayley was hot for SamRo.

And though this is so wrong, I know it so is, but she’d sneak drags off her ciggie while she was doing her thing and even the way she pulled off it made us all quiver too.

As for Lindsay…

Our entire crew was standing there gaping. GAPING. Because she is SOOOOO SOOOOO skinny. And we were obsessed with looking at how soooo sooo skinny she is. Almost as skinny as she was a couple of years ago. Gorgeous, yes. But thin as sh*t and … a little hopped up in the eyes too. Had that “sleep is optional” vibe about her. Which was certainly reinforced the next morning at 5am when they were spotted at the airport heading back to NYC wearing the same clothes.

Exclusive airport photos courtesy of Punkd Images.

You will note how tiny she is from the side. It may not seem like it from photos but in person, in person you have to trust me, in person she disappears behind a small tree. Almost as if she’s becoming her Sam. I love them together, but my smutty sense is tingling. More than tingling. It’s tweaked on fire like Jennifer Aniston’s nipples… which came covered but not really to TIFF. More on them later.

Back to that no sleeping thing…

From Toronto, the girls headed to Fashion Week for Charlotte Ronson’s show sitting in the front row on Saturday, Lindsay’s breasts flopping around to further accentuate her bones, and then it was off to LA for the VMAs. This is Lilo on the carpet in a weave as bad as Britney’s and a purple dress with zippers before changing into a white waistcoat for the telecast when her hip jut was clearly visible.

Hopefully last night the two decided to rest and not party?

I want so badly for it not to be a sign of the storm. Is there a storm?

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