Did he collect?

Lainey Posted by Lainey at November 17, 2009 09:49:31 November 17, 2009 09:49:31

After the New Moon premiere in LA last night, Kellan Lutz hit up the Roosevelt…with Samantha Ronson. Did she pay him back? Or is it an off week? I think it’s an off week. This week she and Lindsay are “off”. So Lindsay will have to settle her tab with Kellan on her own.

In case you missed it, a cracked out Lilo was at a bar last week and ordered more champagne than she could afford. So she sent the bill to Kellan who was partying with his own crew and had nothing to do with her.

And the broke ass chronicles continue.

Word is she agreed to attend a Kitson party last week to support Jermaine Dupri and like a Chinese squatter at the chicken market started bargaining about how much free sh-t she could take home, not satisfied with the initial offer of $500, eventually clawing her way up to $2,000 but significantly less than what she wanted which was $15,000.

Lilo and the enabling sycophants hanging off her weave argued it was her god given right to take home merchandise without paying because she’s a celebrity and she’s been a loyal customer.

All this of course in the midst of a family scandal as her father keeps releasing tape after tape exposing her for the wreck that she is. And while he’s a piece of sh-t famewhore and a sick bitch of a father, I can’t say that if I were in her position that my mother wouldn’t do the same. To save my life she would do anything. She would have done it a long time ago. She would have handcuffed herself to my arm and refused to let go. When I was dating a loser who was destroying me, she once took a knife and threatened to stab herself at the front door begging me not to go with him. Drama, sure. But in her words, as a mother, you do what you need to do.

I’m not condoning Michael Lohan, he is inexcusable. But going to the extremes, humiliation as a last resort for redemption, if it was coming from another parent, I wouldn’t be criticising the motivation at all. The problem with Lindsay Lohan is that in her twisted way, she loves the humiliation for the attention. Yay for child stardom.

You know it’s bad when even People.com is even calling you out for sticky fingers.

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