Or was it an “asthma attack”?

TMZ.com is reporting that Samantha Ronson checked into hospital this weekend – not serious but also no disclosure at press time what exactly was ailing her though it won’t be too hard to predict. She’ll probably borrow from Lilo. And Lilo’s go-to excuse is always exhaustion or asthma. Translation: party, party, party.

It’s been a frenetic 6 months for SamRo. Since she and Lindsay became a couple, her DJ booking frequency and fees have risen exponentially resulting in a blistering travel schedule, punctuated by Lindsay Lohan’s signature dramatics. I’m telling you, that girl has a meltdown almost every night. Like straight up paranoid sh-t losing f-cked up headtrips all the time.

Wouldn’t be surprising if Sam indulged in a little escapism herself. After all, it’s not like she’s not around it all the time watching her girlfriend putting it up her nose. The question is – when does Lilo go down? Because if SamRo’s letting go of the edge, it’s only a matter of time.

File photos from Wenn.com