Makeup sex is hot sex. Lesbian makeup sex is even hotter. Firecrotch lesbian makeup sex is the hottest.

It was reported yesterday that Lindsay Lohan and her girlfriend Samantha Ronson got into a huge scrap the other night that left Lilo in tears, so distraught she had to be comforted by Lauren Conrad and Diana Ross’s son.

Good news: they apparently did not go to bed angry. Or they did and took their anger out on top of each other because Lilo is currently enjoying a romantic trip in Paris with Samantha who was showing off what looked to be a love bite yesterday on her neck.

Hickeys are at once so… coarse…but rather sensual too, non? In that raw, primitive way, there’s no mistaking what’s behind the redness. Nothing taupe goes into giving a hickey. A hickey is pure passion. Seriously, these two must go at it hard.

I kinda love it.

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