Samantha Ronson thanked fans on her blog for their concern about her hospitalisation this weekend:

"Thanks for all your messages. I'm home and all good. Was just pretty exhausted from traveling and working too much to buy Chanukah gifts and my Jewish mother was worried about me.”


Speaking of those Chanukah gifts, here she is with Lilo at Maxfield and Barneys yesterday spending all that money they make together while getting exhausted. Have you been to Maxfield? Maxfield is … not cheap. Like not cheaper than the other not cheap stores in LA. And mouthwatering. And a very healthy Rick Owens section. And Lindsay Lohan, who hasn’t worked in forever, can still afford to shop there because dumbasses keep hiring her for parties. And even dumber asses keep wanting to go to parties where she’s hired to party.

This New Year’s Eve Lilo and SamRo are headed to Miami to ring in 2009 at Mansion. Tickets are selling for $200, a VIP table for 6 (only general seating) goes for $1500. If you want “preferred” seating, the price goes up to $2000. But “preferred” still doesn’t get you dance floor VIP. Dance floor VIP is a base cost of $2500. So if you’re a super high roller, you need to be right in front of the stage, and that’ll set you back $5000.

For Lindsay Lohan and Samantha Ronson???

Wouldn’t you rather shop at Maxfield?

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