Drugs make you paranoid. Just ask Mischa Barton. And it’s worse for these twats running around Hollywood – young, insecure, and ignorant. Dangerous combination.

No secret, Lindsay Lohan is a jealous bitch. She’s jealous for attention. She needs to be at the centre of it all the time. When Samantha Ronson doesn’t text her back quickly enough, or doesn’t ask her if she wants a drink, or decides to go out with a friend, she completely loses her sh-t, and then comes the drama.

The drama came early Monday morning.

Samantha went out to dinner with Drea de Matteo. Lilo was not with them. Sam and Drea stayed out late, Sam came home at 5am, and not an hour later, Lilo showed up and pounded down the door. They started screaming at each other shortly after, and the argument resulted in Sam throwing Lindsay’s clothes onto the street, and Lilo suffering the indignity of picking up her sh-t in front of the paps. Click here to see photos.

Oh the f-cking shame.

They raise them these days with no f-cking shame.

This is Lindsay on the weekend squirting photographers with waterguns, knowing it makes for a great photo opportunity. And last week on a happier outing with Sam – because she had her all to herself.