Again. Read this: I love Sandra Bullock. I watched The Proposal on a plane and enjoyed it for what it was. I was totally on board with The Blind Side. Remember when I said I’m all over football movies? TBS wasn’t the greatest. It wasn’t anything. Like, no lows, no highs, not much. But that doesn’t mean Sandy B wasn’t appealing, adorable, endearing, the usual. She was, she is, her acceptance speech was gracious, I don’t agree with the selection but I agree with her sentiments.

What we all disagreed with last night was her dress. As Duana described: it’s made of dollar store. For reals. Kiddie arts & crafts. Atrocious. Was it worse than Patricia Arquette? Well...

Patricia Arquette is winning that game every time. That’s what she does. So we don’t play that way. We play according to expectation. And in this regard, in light of her two nominations, and the fact that she’s now considered a favourite for Oscar, given who she is, Sandy’s fashion failure was the most monumental. These matters are weighted on the subject and their status, see? By that rationale, Sandy, and this breaks my heart, was worst.

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