Love Sandra Bullock so much.

Did not love her last night in LA for the premiere of All About Steve. She looked much better while promoting The Proposal. Hate the dress – way too busy – and she seems to hate it too. When a woman doesn’t like her outfit, it shows.

Strangely enough the way she appeared on the carpet appears to mirror the way she appears in the movies. The Proposal, gorgeous. All About Steve, total sh-t.

Have you seen the trailer?

And it’s not just the hair and makeup. It’s also whatever they did with her eyes. And her horribly weird chest cavity – you’ll think you’re looking at Tori Spelling’s gaunt implanted chest. Not how I want my Sandy served.

But I’ll take more of this Coop.

He had no pants issues in his suit. The hair is a good length. SO handsome, and now with a new movie star swagger. Bradley Cooper is a movie star.

Missed him on Conan last night but NBC has opened up the clips for viewing temporarily – am attaching. Apparently he discusses how he lost out on Green Lantern.

All About Steve trailer is below. And then under that, it’s a busy year for Sandy B because she’ll release her third movie of 2009 this fall called The Blind Side – the true remarkable story of Michael Oher. Total cheesy heart manipulation but yeah, it worked on me. Sob!

All About Steve

The Blind Side

Bradley Cooper Tonight Show Pt 1

Bradley Cooper Tonight Show Pt 2


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