Sandra Bullock + George Clooney in Gravity. It was shot a while ago. And it was supposed to be released last fall but was pushed back a year. Sometimes that’s a bad sign. And that was the presumption in this case. Now a teaser trailer has been released and the reaction has been solid.

Gravity is directed by Alfonso Cuaron. You’ll recall, it was supposed to be Natalie Portman in the lead. And Scarlett Johansson was in there at one point. And Blake Lively pretended to be too. Clooney’s role was originally set for Robert Downey Jr. He pulled out because the shooting schedule conflicted with Sherlock Holmes 2. The point is there was significant interest in the script from some significant names. Now that this preview has been released, perhaps some confidence has been restored in the film. A lot of people seem really jacked to see it now.

I would be if I wasn’t so chicken sh-t. Watch. It’s TERRIFYING. How can it not be terrifying? They’re stranded in space because their space home is destroyed. It’s like... do you ever get sickeningly frightened out in the ocean? When all around you in every direction is ...

Nothing and everything?

And you look below you and the water is almost black, because all around you and below you is... miles and miles of nothing and everything?

I’m uncomfortable just imagining it.

Here, go ahead. See if you feel the same.

Attached -- Sandy picking up her kid from school the other day.