It was announced today that Alfonso Cuaron’s highly anticipated Gravity, starring Sandra Bullock and George Clooney will open the Venice Film Festival. George loves to open in Italy and Cuaron has always done well there. Venice has secured a great kick-off. And, again, as I’ve already mentioned a few times, Sandy’s having a great year. We’re only halfway through.

Gravity is about Sandy and George stuck in space alone together after a technical f-ck up. This is not a rom-com. This is terrifying. The teaser was terrifying enough. I wrote about it here last month. Reposting the clip below. You’re only seeing it on a small screen on your computer. Now imagine it in a theatre, blown up a thousand times, all that infinite nothing. What would you do? WHAT WOULD YOU DO?! I saw The Conjuring last weekend and that sh-t was so scary I had to call my mommy afterwards. It’ll be the same with Gravity.

Here’s Sandy arriving back in LA today after promoting The Heat in Australia.

PS. Heads up Toronto. They often go to Venice…and then they come to TIFF.