As you know, Sandra Bullock was at Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux’s wedding last month. That’s when we found out that Sandy had a new boyfriend. At the time, he was just identified as a “photographer”. But for Sandy to bring him to an event that was that locked down, it had to have been serious…as is the friendship between Sandy and Jen. Jen and Justin spent the Fourth of July with Sandy at her home in Austin. And they’ve been tight for over a year now, thanks to… wait for it…wait for it…
Gwyneth Paltrow. Both Jen and Sandy were over at G’s for dinner one night last year and have evidently gotten closer ever since.

Jen’s been in Atlanta shooting Mother’s Day. For the long weekend though, she and Justin Theroux were back in Austin with Sandy and Bryan Randall. Twitter saw them having dinner at one of Sandy’s restaurants. There are low quality photos here and here. There’s also a shot of Sandy and Bryan with her son, Louis, at one of her other Austin businesses here. (Thanks Robynn!)

America’s two most beloved sweethearts and not only are they best friends, but there are so many romantic parallels. In Justin Theroux, Jennifer Aniston’s found a worthy Hollywood playing partner. He’s down for the game. He’s willing to play it. And they’re age-compatible too. In Bryan Randall, Sandra also has someone of a certain maturity. And he’s a parent (from a previous relationship). And, unlike Jesse James, he’s familiar with celebrity, he knows the world, seems able to handle the world. The question many of you have been asking is whether or not he, like Justin, wants a bigger piece of the world. And whether or not, like Jen, Sandy wants to participate in that. As we’ve seen though, between Jen and Sandy, their approaches to fame have been very different. Sandra Bullock hid a baby. Jennifer Aniston, well, you know. Sandy’s due in Toronto this week for Our Brand Is Crisis. We’ll see soon enough how much of this relationship she’s ready to give the public.