The Heat for Boston

Lainey Posted by Lainey at April 18, 2013 21:04:57 April 18, 2013 21:04:57

Sandra Bullock and Melissa McCarthy were in Vegas to promote their upcoming The Heat at CinemaCon today. The Heat was shot in Boston, a comedy about two mismatched detectives chasing down a bad guy. It was announced at the presentation that there will be a special screening for Boston police in honour of their hard work and dedication in light of what happened this week.

The Heat opens on June 27. I really, really, REALLY want it to be good. I really, really, REALLY want it do as well as Bridesmaids. So that, finally, people will come around to the fact that women can be funny too, motherf-ckers...

A word I use deliberately here because in the red band trailer for The Heat, where McCarthy gets to mouth off repeatedly, Bullock only throws one down at the end, when she’s dressed like a punk, like it was a conscious decision -- because Sandy can’t cuss when she’s all prettied up in her America’s Sweetheart clothes.

Guess what?

Girls have dirty mouths too. Especially, um, sorority girls. But don’t let that be the defining example of what happens when breasts meet the swears. Swearing is not an exclusively male habit and it doesn’t diminish character. Or, for that matter, femininity. Real women swear a LOT. And very, very creatively. And it’s OK. And Sandy in real life probably does too. Would you love her less for it? F-ck no. But the MiniVan Majority? Maybe. I guess that explains it.

So into what she’s wearing here, especially how those pants are fitting.

Ethan Miller /Getty Images

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