Sandra in NY, Ryan in Toronto

Lainey Posted by Lainey at June 9, 2009 07:48:12 June 9, 2009 07:48:12

Promoting their film The Proposal.

Sandy taped an appearance for Letterman last night, pictured outside the theatre with a Cruella-ish blonde stripe – don’t like but whatever, it’s Sandy. She’s the best. And she had to work with the whiniest.

That would be Ryan Reynolds who was in Toronto yesterday for an appearance on MuchMusic, smug foundation face fully intact.

He’s a good looking man. Very handsome. Just… too bad about that personality, you know?

And the Ryan Reynolds Is A Bitch stories continue. Have been saving them up to dole out every time there are new photos. This one is from Amina D.

I've been noticing the amount of Ryan Reynolds posts you've been doing. I've also noticed your disdain for his bitchassness while doing press for the recent Wolverine movie.

Let me tell you: I know exactly what you mean.

Two years ago, I took a trip to Barcelona. As I boarded the plane from Toronto, I was seated right across from Ryan Reynolds. I wasn't really a fan of any work he had done so I wasn't particularly starstruck or anything. While we were in the air, I asked my sister (who was seated in front of me) to take a picture. So my sister pulls out the camera and he, out of nowhere really, says "UMM....EXCUSE ME??". Since he was directly looking at me and my sister I ask him (politely, of course!) what seemed to be the problem. He tells me that just because he is a celebrity he doesn't need to be "subjected" to this harassment. Me and my sister, at this point confused, tell him that we are taking pictures of each other, nothing more, and that he wasn't even a celebrity we cared enough about to take up memory space in our camera lol.

Needless to say, he kept quiet for the rest of the flight!

PS - I know you get a lot of emails everyday, and you'll probably won't get the time to read this, but I just thought that if you needed anymore conformation that Ryan Reynolds is a douchebag, then here is your proof. I would have attached pictures, but I didn't want to "subject" him to even more harassment! lol


The other day, Hugh Jackman arrived at an airport somewhere and the paps were all over him and his kids were caught up in the ruckus and you know what he did?

He remained calm, he smiled, he did not lose his cool, he made it so that his children could pass unharmed, and he allowed photographers to get what they needed, pleasantly, before heading off in his car.

THAT is how a movie star behaves. And Ryan Reynolds very much wants to be a movie star.

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