Me, I still refuse to believe there’s girlsh-t happening between the two but some people seem convinced, and, as disappointing as it would be for a girl’s girl like Sandra Bullock to be That Girl, in our business it is good business. A throwdown between the two is good gossip. Great gossip.

Also…they must know what’s being said. It would not have been hard to arrange a quick photo on the carpet, or at a party, and kill it right away. It’s 5am right now. I haven’t seen one yet. If it comes up later, I’ll let you know. And I’m sure you will let me know, know-it-all.

But for now, we’ll go with a pretend feud, at least as it relates to their style.

You know I am allergic to fringe. And this fringe, it’s so heavy I feel like it could block my intestines, which may only be because I’m obsessed with poo and since this has become an allnighter, I know it won’t be happening for me today. What? Too much?

Interestingly enough, they kinda sorta wore the same shade. And beaded too. Similar sleeves?

The universe just gives us these gifts. We have to say thank you.

And I have to say I’m giving this round to Scarlett. Controversial? I love the old Hollywood feel of this look. I love the drama of the hair. I love that she seemed light and happy, while Sandy, all night, I couldn’t find a wide smile, she was clenched, controlled, too controlled. I’m not talking about her face…but that too.

It’s rather tight, isn’t it?

I forgot to poll that during the liveblog.

I am afraid to lose the Sandy we know and love. Is it inevitable? That a woman of a certain age gets disappointed by love, in an industry that feeds off youth, and finds that she can no longer not listen to those bad voices? And in spite of herself feels compelled to change?

Maybe that’s an unfair assumption. Maybe that’s unfair to her. Because, really, she’s given us no reason to think that would be her game. Then again, you do have to consider where she works.

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