Sandra Bullock stepped out today in LA with her baby Louis. She is 47. I want to look like that in 10 years. Just, not with a baby.

As you can see, Louis is wearing his badass little cap again. Last week, I tingled to an article of him wearing the cap and my cousin Cat emailed back with a message titled “tooting my own horn” with photos of her son, Sasha, wearing his two years ago when he was a little, little guy. Sasha was 100 days old. Look.At.Him. He’s throwing it down! He’s challenging Louis to a cap-off!

Sasha is now such a boss that he regularly refers to himself in the third person. “Pick up Sasha! Sasha is hungry!”

Louis probably refers to himself in the 3rd person too. I imagine him doing it with George Clooney while he was taking his picture. This cracks me up. That George Clooney could be ordered around by a kid. Which is probably what he’s so afraid of.

Photos from INF