Sandy & Louis in NYC

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It’s his first time there!

Sandra Bullock was spotted in New York last night holding on to her son. I have a thing about baby feet. Don’t like babies, but very much like the feet. Baby feet and dog feet smell really good. Louis has great fat feet with fat ankles. In fact, he’s kinda fat all over which is admittedly delicious, even for someone who is allergic to children.

This morning Sandy was photographed on her way to a meeting. Such great hair, non? Right now her hair is so good, so long, so healthy. Sandra is 46, and you know, I’ve never understood why people always declare that “women of a certain age should never have long hair”. Why? Who said? Is it like “appropriate mom fashion”? Like mothers shouldn’t wear sexy clothes, so older ladies shouldn’t have long hair? Is it an age thing? Is it because short hair supposedly makes you look younger? Look around the office. Are the women with short hair the younger ones?

I just googled this and there was actually a discussion about it last week in the NY Times. Turns out our mothers might be to blame. And judgy bitches who think that an aging broad who can’t cut her hair is just fighting reality, trying desperately to hang on to her youth, and “acting out”.

What if she’s simply trying desperately to look good? Is that ok? Is she allowed to want to look good?

Apparently it’s quite a contentious argument. I’ve no doubt you’ll be emailing me about this in about 30 seconds. And I’ve no doubt some of you will include a snark at me because I have very long hair and like it that way. Yeah, ok, I’ll take that hit. But that still doesn’t explain this Lady Hair Law about Length and Age.

The NYT article is good read. Click here if you’re interested.

Photos from Jackson Lee/PPNY/GSNY/

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