I felt really strange about Sandra at the Oscars. I don’t know why exactly – I mean, part of me wishes she hadn’t worn a dress that showed side-bum skin, even faux side-bum that’s actually nude-coloured underlay. Her hair and stuff seemed kind of straightforward Sandra Bullock, so I don’t know why I couldn’t shake the feeling that she was out of place.

I said this to Lainey and she was all “the woman has an Oscar” and I know that, but somehow it seemed like she was from an earlier, dare-I-say classier, generation of Oscar-goers. Is that nuts? I love her and I love her jokes and humour but I feel like the dryness was underappreciated on a night when the most base jokes were passing muster as worthy of the largest entertainment broadcast of the year. She’s too classy, or something, for what this night became, and it felt like the alumni who comes back to high school to visit but doesn’t understand quite why everyone’s acting so sophomoric.

Lainey asked if it felt like that on years when Julia Roberts came, but that feels like a movie star showing up at a high school. She’s barely deigning to be among people she once thought were her peers. But for Sandra, she just seems underappreciated or forgotten, and it feels as though it’s too early for her to be put out to pasture that way.

Emily Nussbaum, the New Yorker TV critic, suggested that actually she’d be a superb choice to host the show next year, and I would endorse this so heartily that I wonder whether we can launch a campaign to get Sandy on board. I’m sure we can convince her by October.