Hated Sandra Bullock’s dress last night at the Critics’ Choice Awards. The colour was fine. The ruffle-tiering, however, is 10 years old. Go into any Midnight Elegance, Apparel For Any Occasion shoppe at your local mall and you’ll find a dress like this. I don’t give a sh-t if it’s Lanvin. It’s the wrong Lanvin.

Then she won the award for Best Action Actress and the dress didn’t matter because her speech was light and funny and not just because she said “f-ck” but because she’s generally just awesome. They’ve edited out the cursing in the clip below but I was more interested in seeing her with Marlon Wayans, her love interest, sort of, in The Heat.

He’s HOT.

They’d be hot. Only he has enough love drama in his life. Not sure she wants to be messing around with that.