Sandra Bullock: Globes Rocket Popsicle

Lainey Posted by Lainey at January 13, 2014 16:18:04 January 13, 2014 16:18:04

My cousin Cat and I used to scrounge up our change when we were kids and hit the corner for popsicles in the summer. If we were broke, we’d go for a simple 20 cent banana pop. If we were flush, we’d splurge on the rocket pops – three flavours, extra large, 50 cents each. We loved our rocket pops even though we could never finish them before they’d melt into sticky messes all over our hands before we got home. Here’s what a rocket pop looks like:

Or, for reference, see Sandra Bullock’s dress. Rocket pops are delightful as a dessert. Rocket pops are disappointing as a dress. I was hoping for a lot more from Sandy. I was hoping for a lot less F-CKING TAFFETA. I was hoping for a better construction. I was hoping she’d wear something that didn’t belong on Kaley Cuoco.

Also… in the choice between Face or Body, Sandy’s going body, isn’t she? She’s fit right now, no doubt. Slimmer than ever. But the sacrifice is evident above the neck. Sandy is gaunt. And you know what happens when they get gaunt in the face, right? They often look to fill it with something unnatural. So far, Sandy doesn’t appear to be going in that direction yet. 

WENN, Jason Merritt /Getty Images

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