Sandra Bullock was photographed in New York yesterday on the set of Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close just as it was reported that she’s donated $1 million to help with the crisis in Japan. Sandy made her gift through the American Red Cross. And, as you know, it’s not the first time she’s helped. She always helps. She helps significantly. Consistently one of the first, if not the first, among those with her status and influence to help.

You know what isn’t helpful?


Some things, you read them in the morning, and it sets you off. I was dumb enough to watch the video too.

Is that glee? Because it sounds an awful lot like glee. It’s certainly not admiration for the attitude of the people who, in the midst of all that devastation, are still recycling, partly because it’s routine, and that’s how we cope in times of tragedy, but also because they’re looking ahead. Why add household litter to the growing list of problems?

Lorella told me something amazing the other day about the Japanese. Their vending machines are programmed to unlock when there are tremors. So that if you’re stuck, and you’re starving, at least there’s some food to sustain you until you’re rescued. Isn’t that so smart?

There is no relief in Japan right now. It’s a frightening situation, on top of an already frightening natural disaster. If you can help, please do. Click here to give through the Humanitarian Coalition supporting 4 NGOs working with women and children in need of water, shelter, and emergency supplies.

To those gossips in Japan, please keep writing. We are continuing to think of you. Best to you. Stay safe.

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