Let’s review the facts about Sandra Bullock. She’s absolute box office gold. She’s kind of fun and funny and, even more than my beloved Julia, she’s one of the boys about the whole "we’re chill about the fact that we’re super rich making movies" thing, and everyone loves her. She has it wired.

So I don’t totally understand this dress. In the past, her choices have been kind of wackadoodle. Remember the purple cellophane thing? Me too. And the black-blue-pink business? Sandy never gets it all the way right, necessarily, but it’s not usually boring.

Which is why last night’s blue McQueen – the kind of gown that a rich mother in a teen soap would wear to chair the benefit gala – is so confusing. It’s Sandy being sleeker, smoother. Ironing out one of the rough edges – and I guess the question is why? Love a rough edge on Sandy. Don’t think she needs to even them out.

In fact, I’ve been screaming along with everyone else about how the dresses were boring and nobody wore anything interesting and fashion forward and risqué but I’d rather have Sandy go back to a little bit silly than this sort of staid and simple. You agree with me, right?