The Green Lantern was a disappointment for Ryan Reynolds. No one wants the same for his second release this summer. The Change-Up opens on Friday. And last night at the Hollywood premiere, Ryan showed up with his good friend and good luck charm Sandra Bullock in the hopes of avoiding another Lantern showing at the box office, to say nothing of the curse of Olivia Wilde. Sandy is a potent draw. And it wouldn’t hurt, as the magazines close on Monday night, to make the pages of every weekly by Wednesday, just in time to get people into theatres for the weekend?

Sandra & Ryan: it’s on!

Sandra & Ryan go public with their love!

Please. Their willingness to “go public” is your first sign that there is no love on top of the friendly kind. Having said that, it can’t hurt to have people talking. Especially when Sandy, who has shot two movies back to back in New York and in London, hasn’t been seen on a carpet in quite some time. And looks so good! Almost as good as Jason Bateman!

As for The Change-up, have you seen the 2nd red band trailer? It’s better, sure, but I feel like they’ve given away even more of the movie. I dunno, maybe they’ve held something back here.

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