The opposite of the Stewart Pattinson effort. Sandra Bullock is an entertainer. Sandra Bullock always entertains. That kissing bit with Scarlett? It’s not the actual kiss, it’s what led up to the kiss that made it. The timing, the delivery, their chemistry...


THIS is performing. It was adorable. And so f-cking smart.

Sandy wants us to be over it, so she gave us something to get over it with. A superstar who does it for you and doesn’t complain about it either, how novel. As for the High Road and whoever established it, I couldn’t and I love her so much that she did. I also love her for not throwing a pity party and shouting at the ocean which is the Jennifer Aniston way of coping.

Instead, she picked one weekend and herself as the target and showed up at Spike TV on Saturday in a red leather dress with pump shoulders and declared that she’s ready to get back to work.

Click here to watch her acceptance again from last night. Start at 3:25 if you just want the Scarlett bit. SOOO cute.

Below is the video from her appearance at Spike and there were two gorgeous back to back outings from Scarjo at both events too. She gave me the lady bones.

Photos from and Kevin Winter/Christopher Polk/