Say it isn’t so? I wish I could. This was what many of you expressed yesterday when news broke of Jesse James’s infidelity reported first by In Touch Weekly after Michelle “Bombshell” told her story to the magazine. When this happened to Josh Duhamel and Fergie, they put on a united front and condemned the accusations, forcing their happiness on top of the scandal.

Sandra Bullock doesn’t front like that.

There was no publicity whitewash attempt via, no asinine statement of togetherness followed by an awkward display of handholding at Whole Foods, but near the end of the day, did quote a source close to Sandy who says that she moved out on Monday. Which makes sense. Not only because her husband was unfaithful but because of the timeline. Usually the magazines try to close by Monday. So her team would have been contacted at the weekend by In Touch about the story. And now of course she’s regrouping in seclusion. That, on top of the cancellation of her trip to the UK to promote The Blind Side, and the statement blaming “unforeseen personal reasons”, and Jesse’s cancellation of his Twitter account, leaves no other conclusion, no matter how much you want to live in denial.

Needless to say, Jesse James’s past is now being called into question. I don’t give a sh-t about the fine print. Suffice to say, what went down with Michelle Bombshell isn’t entirely out of character. In the last 24 hours, I’ve also heard from multiple sources who allege that 1. Bombshell isn’t the only one (it never is, is it?) and 2. Jesse allegedly drinks hard and smokes a lot of dope.

As for Bombshell, well, her crew is trying to float the theory that she was only with Jesse because he told her that his marriage to Sandy was a sham. He’s a gifted liar then. Oh wait, let me’s sex addiction.

These are photos of Michelle Bombshell in all her glory.

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