According to US Weekly, Sandra Bullock had a plus one to Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux’s wedding. That means it’s serious, right? By celebrity and by civilian standards? Because you know how it works. You’re invited to a wedding. You don’t have a spouse or a long-term partner. Which means you don’t automatically get an “and guest”. If you ARE bringing a guest then, it better be a bonafide. For real people, that’s a courtesy for the plate. Like don’t be a dick and waste one of the wedding couple’s spots on someone you’re just f-cking for two weeks when they could have had someone else there. For famous people, it’s a courtesy too. Because of the security risk. That’s a very privileged circle, Sandy’s rolling with. And you can’t bring some sketch rogue who might film the whole thing on his phone and sell it to The National Enquirer two days later. Like, this guy would have had to be vetted.

So who is he?

A photographer, supposedly. A hot one, supposedly. A source tells US that:

“Sandra’s boyfriend is very attractive. He’s super hot but also super normal. She’s clearly happy with him.”

Hot means different things to different people. I hate to go there but Jesse James to me – not hot. A few of you didn’t think my favourite porn star is very hot. Click here if you missed that post yesterday. One of you emailed to say that there are other hotter porn stars, like James Deen and Manuel Ferrara and Ryan Driller. I’m about to get graphic so maybe skip to the next if you can’t handle it but James Deen, aside from the Lindsay Lohan connection, looks like the office perv to me, and I hate his come style. He’s vile when he’s coming. Manuel Ferrara’s technique is fine….but I’m not into the body shape. His thighs scare me. As for Ryan Driller, he’s great looking on video but for some reason he’s SO unphotogenic in stills. And only Charlie Hunnam is allowed to get away with that.

See? Hot means different things to different people. Sandy’s hot has, over the years, ranged from Tate Donovan to Matthew McConaughey to Ryan Gosling to Jesse James to Chris Evans. What’s her hot now? If she was single, I’d nominate Will Arnett.