Sandra Bullock told Al Roker at the Globes on Sunday that:

“I think there will be a collective sigh amongst women across the United States when I say (Ryan Reynolds is) not my lover. He’s just an amazing friend that I’ve had for 10 years… but I don’t get his loving after dark.”

Then her rep confirmed to Life & Style that she and Scarlett Johansson met up at an afterparty. So I guess she’s using her PR machine to shut down the rumours that 1. she and Reynolds are f-cking and that 2. she and Scarjo hate each other. We can’t have America’s Sweetheart positioned as a friend betrayer, can we?

If it were up to Sandy’s people, the most ideal situation would have been for the two to have posed together on that carpet, kill the sh-t talk right away. But you know Scarjo. She fronts like she won’t play that game. And if she’s never posed with her ex-husband on a carpet, I suppose she’s not about to pose with her ex-husband’s false-rumoured new gf either. Not even to defend a friend? Not even to defend a friend.

In Scarlett’s mind, if you give them a little, they end up expecting it all. My argument against that is that she’s not Paul Giamatti. She makes movies, she sells clothing, and now she’s pimping champagne. Am I buying Moet because I think she can crush grapes? Or am I buying Moet because the point of the ad is that it’s aspirational? Drink what she drinks, live how she lives. It’s marketing 101. Getting Personal then is exactly what it’s about.

Here’s Sandra leaving LA and arriving in New York last night to get back to work on Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close.

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